Get ready for our annual trivia night!

We’re holding our annual trivia night in April, this year with a music twist! Gather your groupies for a great cause! Tickets available via Try Booking. Email if you would like to donate to this popular event.



Updated list of acceptable items

We are currently at capacity for all items on the ‘sometimes’ list due to substantial¬†donations from our generous supporters.


Menzies Care For Kids Grant


An amazing Christmas Gift!

Menzies Caring for Kids have donated $20000 to our rent appeal!

I met with Menzies President Kevin Johnson and members of the committee of management the other week to share with them our MSFIN community and all that we do at the warehouse. When they rang me to tell me the donation amount, I couldn’t contain my tears. This money enabled us to breathe a sigh of relief. It is a difficult task to ensure that we always have enough money to cover our rent. It is such an honour to know that people believe in our cause enough, to donate to us.

Thank you so much Menzies. Your support means more than words can say.

MSFIN rent appeal

As we have outgrown our current warehouse,  our limited space is impacting our services. We have no room to clean, safety check, repair and store the items that we need to, so babies, children and families are waiting longer than they should for their essential items. We have secured a new warehouse, which is more than double our current space, but this means our overheads will more than double as well. Can you help? All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible, and corporate sponsorships are available.